Music Uplifting The Youth

We are children of God. The gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the Earth and it is FUN to live it every day! I am so excited to share these truths with others through music with my new group Rechoired. We sing everything from top 40 to hymns and offer a wholesome and uplifting experience for youth! Check out the website: and see how your donations can help us positively influence the youth! Members of our group have been touring together around the country for a while now and know that this can be a HUGE success! Please donate so that we may get equipment - you will be rewarded for your contributions :) Our fundraising site is:
Thanks so much! Please SHARE with everyone and get us to YOUR area :)

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Thanks to EVERYONE who buys our Music on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc. .... those who listen to it on Rhapsody or Spotify or YouTube! You are all helping support our Mission to inspire and uplift others! GoFundMe